About us

The family business started in August 1978 by Andrée and Michel Blais.  In December 2012 they passed on their business to their kids Anick and Daniel.  Anick with a bachelor in Business education (administration and education ) has always been involved in one way or another in the business since a very young age.  Daniel with a bachelor of Business Administration and his many years in the financial field came to support his sister and the business enthousiasm grew and promising a viable future.  Kadam now has stores in different part of the province of New Brunswick – Grand Falls, Edmundston, Campbellton and Dieppe.



Customer service has always been and will continue to be very important for the new entrepreneurs.  “We are constantly on the floor because our clients expect us to be there, which in turns permits us to be active with our clientele.  All the while permitting us to see what our clients are looking for in terms of styles, colors, fashion and sizes.

We are fortunate that our father has always been innovative and futuristic.  He has always been able to predict things before they happen.  We are taking a business established with heart, sought by many with a good base to project us into the future. Since taking over, we have implemented technology by computerizing the stores and maintaining a web site (kadam.ca) to promote our store and selling on the web.

Here are the words of an employee : “Having been retired for many years, I have no obligations or requirements to work.  It is not a job but more the pleasure of helping a family business.  All the members of the family are very good listeners, super sensitive and human towards the clients and employees.  The clients often find themselves overwhelmed with the human warmth they feel when in contact with them. I can describe them like being lead by a father Christmas (Michel), always listening to the wise words of the mother (Andrée whom is the  heart and sole) giving their kids a sense of value and respect.  I am already anxious to go back to work at Kadam for my next shift.  While we are hard at work, humor always exists! Thanks you for the extra support given!”